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National School Sports Week

National School Sports Week at St George’s CofE Primary School, Worcester

Children at St George’s CofE Primary School have enjoyed a week of diverse and exciting sports to celebrate National School Sports Week.

The annual activity week is organised by the Youth Sport Trust to highlight the important role of sport in children’s education and development.

Classes at St George’s were treated to a variety of different activities – including skateboarding, martial arts, gymnastics, theatre dance, archery and kurling. The week concluded with a whole-school Sports Day, held at Bishop Perowne.

The theme for this year’s National School Sports Week is ‘Belonging – a place in sport for every child’. The week aims to show children that there is so much that they can gain from school sport – connecting with others, developing important life skills and improving both their physical and mental health. (

Helen Zihni, PE lead teacher at the school, organised the sports week.

She said: “We wanted to give the children a chance to experience a wider range of sports and activities. The skateboarding was requested by the children after the popularity of a scooter workshop last year. We were really keen to introduce the children to martial arts as this was a totally new sport for us to offer. Last year we ran a cheer dance workshop which was incredibly popular so this year we decided to try theatre dance.

“Our KS1 children enjoyed an afternoon at Flics gymnastics club trying out the equipment. School staff have also run inclusive archery and kurling sessions – sports that we offer to our KS2 pupils throughout the year. Kurling is an indoor form of curling, that can be played by able-bodied and disabled players. We’re really excited to be holding our Sports Day again too. This year we’ve included track and field events for all the children.

“We also want to thank the sports coaches that came to visit the school this week: Team Rubicon Skateboard Coaching, Temple Martial Arts and Focal Pointe Dance School.”

After enjoying their activity-focused week trying out different sports, the children were very enthusiastic to share their feedback:

‘Gymnastics was amazing! I now know how to do a forward roll. I was scared but I wanted to be more confident so I tried hard.’

‘I really enjoyed martial arts! It was tiring!’

‘Skateboarding was really fun! I’ve never been on a skateboard before but now I know how to do it.’

‘I liked the cool tricks we did in skateboarding. At first I was scared, but then I loved it!’

‘The archery was one of my favourite activities this week. I want to join archery club!’

Mrs Norris, the headteacher, added “The children have really enjoyed the week and it has been wonderful to see their enthusiasm across a range of activities. The highlight has undoubtedly been the Sports Day which we’ve missed in recent years. It was a real joy to see all our families back together and enjoying the morning!”

Worcester News wrote an article about our National Sports Week which can be read here.


National School Sports Week