GSO Test

Our Staff Team

Headteacher: Louise Norris

Deputy Headteacher: Claire Smith

Class organisation


Classteacher: Lucy Baldwin 

Teaching Assistant: Caren Lewis

Year 1

Class teachers: Katie Pritchard, Ellen Hemsworth

Teaching Assistant: Becky Cetin

Year 2

Class teacher: Louis Grindrod

Teaching Assistant: Louise Austin

Year 3

Class teacher: Ethan Lewis

Teaching Assistant: Lianne Bayfield

Year 4

Class teacher: Ian Tait (Assistant Head)

Teaching Assistant: Jo Congrave

Year 5

Class teacher: Claire Smith

Teaching Assistant: Sarah Jane Cox

Year 6

Class teacher: Chloe Biddle

Teaching Assistant: Louise Clifford

Special Needs Coordinator

Alison Dodd

Key stage 2 maths groups

Sharon Dove

PPA release

Laura Burdon, Helen Zihni, Sarah Edwards and Claire Horacek

Sports coaches

Andy Beeston and Rik Solvason

Additional teaching assistants

Shilpi Ahmed, Khalida Ali, Lianne Bayfield, Farin Damani, Bev Giddings, Kate Palmer

Administrative staff

Nadine Andrews – School Business Manager

Lucy Burrows - Admin Assistant

Catherine Wilson – Finance Assistant

Premises staff

Kevin Jenkins – Caretaker

Joe Quintero and Marie Underhill – Cleaners

Lunchtime supervisors

Stacey Hemming – Senior Supervisor

Samina Begum, Shahnaz Choudhury, Shofia Choudhury, Rosemary Harris, Marie Underhill