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Welcome To Reception

On this page, you will be able to find information about our weekly routines and further details about the exciting learning that goes on in our Reception Class.

Early Years is a little different to that of KS1 and 2, as it is based on on-going assessments and observations in the key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. By considering your child’s needs, interests and stages of development, we aim to provide an enjoyable and challenging experience across the EYFS curriculum.


Staffing and General Information

The Reception team are Miss Baldwin, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Ahmed and Miss Burdon who covers release time on Thursday afternoons. 

We all work closely together in Reception to ensure that all our children are happy, supported, challenged and engaged throughout their time at school. Each day consists of a balance of both child initiated and adult led activities. Parents are able to keep up to date with their child’s learning journey via the use of Tapestry online. If you have not yet received an email to set up your Tapestry account, please speak to a member of Reception or email the office. 


Spring Term

We can't believe we are half way through our first year in school already! Click here to watch back some of our favourite memories so far.

St. George's CE Primary School Science Fair 2021 

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in helping your children produce creative and fun science projects. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the children explain what they did and were impressed with the high levels of presentation and scientific skills shown. The children presented their projects with such enthusiasm and we were so proud of all the work they produced. 






Journeys and Transport 

For the second part of the Spring term our topic will be Journeys and Transport. You can visit our topic web to find out what we will be learning about by clicking here. 

This half term we will be looking at White Rose Maths Phase 6 - Building 9 and 10. During this phase we will be learning how to represent and arrange 9 and 10 into small groups by subitising and composing them in different ways. This week listened to the story '10 Black Dots' by Donald Crews and created our own dot pictures! 




Click here to view our Space topic web. 

Check out some of our aliens! 




Click here for easy access to Phonics Mats

Phase 2 Phonics Sounds - Review these sounds daily

Phase 2 Tricky Words Presentation

Phase 2 High Frequency Words 

Phase 3 Phonics Sounds - We are currently learning phase 3 phonics sounds

Phase 3 Tricky Words Presentation 

Phase 3 High Frequency Words


Autumn Term

6th November 2020

Further to the information your child has brought home today, please click the link below to access the presentation.

Reception Information Presentation


Animals and Their Young 

If you would like to view our topic web click here. This half term we have been learning all about baby animals! First we took a virtual trip to the farm and matched the animals to their young. Following this we learnt all about nocturnal woodland animals, animals at the zoo, pets and vets and life cycles. 



 We have loved learning all about our key text 'Owl Babies' by Martan Waddell and bringing the story to life! In science we explored what it would be like to view the world through the eyes of an owl! In art we made clay owls and created a beautiful display together as a whole class. We observed closely as our baby owls hatched inside our curiosity cube. 




We took on the role of owl babies in the nest during dance and explored the big question: 'Do feathers sink or float?' We even had a go at painting with feathers and writing our names with a quill.    



Once we became confident with the text, we used our special 'Story Teller Specs' to retell and change parts of the story and make it our own! 



We have taken part in many special events this half term such as our Children in Need PJ day, Remembrance day, Diwali, bonfire night and our first Christmas performance at St. George's! 





If You're Super and You Know It! 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first topic of the year - ‘If You're Super and You Know It!’ Throughout this topic we explored all the things that make us special and unique, while exploring our favourite Nursery Rhymes. This topic will help lay the foundations for the phonics work that will take place later in the term. To visit our 'If You're Super and You Know It' topic web click here

Each week we have focused on a different Nursery Rhyme. We loved learning about 'Humpty Dumpty' and 'The Queen of Hearts'. We even made our own Humpty's and took part in an exciting egg dropping eggsperiment! 


We got busy in cookery making our very own Queen of Hearts jam tarts! 


We've spent lots of time getting to know our new environment and making new friendships. 



 We took part in our first ever Harvest Festival at St. George's and sang 'The Wheels on the Tractor' during our zoom service. 

We have gained confidence retelling many of our favourite rhymes in a variety of different environments and had great fun adding instruments to them during our Music and Movement sessions. 


For our final Rhyme of the week we got to vote for which one we would like! We had so much fun dressing up as frogs, this was our favourite one yet. 







At St. George's C of E Primary School, we use Letters and Sounds to support the teaching of reading and writing. Initially we will spend time revisiting Phase One Phonics. Phase One concentrates on developing children's speaking and listening skills and aims to get children attuned to the sounds around them. During this phase the children will begin to develop oral blending and segmenting skills. Later this term we will begin teaching Phase Two Phonics. In Phase Two, letters and their sounds are introduced one at a time. A set of letters is taught each week. Once each set of letters is introduced, children will be encouraged to begin blending and segmenting words. 


Reading Books 

Your child should now have received their reading diary and two reading books. Reading books will changed twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays). Please send your child to school with their reading diary and books every day so that we can read with them in school. The children will bring home a book that is phonologically decodable (labeled 'A book I can read') and a book from one of our interest baskets (labeled 'A book to share'). The 'book I can read' is to be read by your child throughout the week. All children will begin on phase 1 books to match the phonics level being taught in school. Phase 1 books are wordless and we encourage the children to tell the story in their own words. This is an essential skill for later on in your child’s reading journey. As we progress with our phonics, the children will move onto different book phases. Research has shown that repetition plays an important role in learning to read fluently, therefore we ask you to listen to your child reading this book as often as possible. The 'book I can share' is based purely on your child's chosen interest. This book may be too difficult or too easy for your child to read, however it is purely to develop the child's love of reading and to instil reading for pleasure. Please support your child by reading this book to them. As they become more familiar and confident with this book, encourage them to join in with key parts and repeated refrains. 

Please ask a member of the Reception team for the school's login details for Collins Big Cat online. 

Forest School 

This term in forest school we are learning to explore with our senses. So far we have explored colours which can be found naturally in the forest and how animals rely on other senses when visibility is poor at night. During our first session we drew a picture of what we thought a forest might look like. We took our pictures outside to compare. Then we used paint swatches to match up colours in the environment. During our second session we made our own forest perfumes using natural materials. Then we left perfume trails for the animals to smell and help them find their way in the dark. 



Starting School 

New Starter Zoom Power point 

Getting School Ready 



Purple Mash

A letter will be sent home with your child's Purple Mash log in. A copy of this will also be stuck in the back of your child's reading diary. 

Visit Purple Mash here.