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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Page

We will share important information on here about trips, in-school activities and much more. Please keep an eye on the page as we will also post pictures of children's work and other classroom related activities. 


Teachers - Mrs Dove (Monday - Wednesday)

                   Mrs Iqbal (Thursday - Friday)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Courtney 


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Year 1 & 2 Spellings

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Times tables

We are working on x2 , x3, x 4, x 5, x 8 and x 10 in Year 3.

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Topic - Summer 2

This half term we will be finishing off our Ancient Egyptians topic. We will then be moving on to 'Trade' and will investigate:

- Which items we import and which items we export.

- Which countries we trade with.

- Where our food comes from - investigating food labels in shops and at home.

- What fair trade means and why it it important.

Topic - Summer 1 

This half term we will be finding out all about the Ancient Egyptians.   We have launched our topic with a fabulous Ancient Egyptian Day with 'The History Man'. Have a look at everything we got up to below!

Topic - Spring 2

We move on to earthquakes this half term. We will be writing and recording  monologues as if we had experienced the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 ourselves! We will also be  exploring where in the world earthquakes are most likely to happen and making our own seismometers. 


Topic - Spring 1

This term we are very excited to be learning about volcanoes!  We will be writing newspaper reports about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 



Topic - Autumn 2

On Monday 29th November, Year 3 held a Stone Age day.

We dressed up, made and ate stewed fruit, made jewellery, constructed models of Stone Age houses and drew cave paintings in table ‘caves’. In the afternoon we had a try at archery too! 





Topic - Autumn 1

We will be finding out all about The Civil War and The Battle of Worcester.

We will be going on a trip to The Commandery.


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