GSO Test

Year 4

Teacher: Mr I Tait

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J. Congrave and Mrs B. Giddings (mornings)


Welcome to Year 4's homepage! Here you will find important updates and information about life in Year 4.


Welcome to Year 4

On this page, you will be able to find information about our weekly routines and further details about the what happens in year 4.

Year 4 is about developing the child to become more independent in their learning and beginning to grow to take more responsibility for themselves and their learning. They have moved on from being in the very capable care of Mr Lewis and should now be working on implementing their learning and making effective choices. As well as having fun.


Autumn Information - 6th November 2020

Further to the information your child has brought home today, please click the link below to access the presentation.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) morning from Inspiring Worcestershire.

Challenge- Design and create a eco-house model.


 On the 17th of November, Sarah from Inspiring Worcestershire came in into our class.  She set a challenge of designing an Eco-house. the children engaged well with the challenge and worked fabulously in their pairs. Many thanks to Mrs Hemsworth for coordinating the visit and to Sarah for the delivery. A wonderfully engaging morning.

the winning design will be put forward to participate in the STEM challenge finals against other schools.


Athletics at Bishop Perowne CE High School. 



Homework will be issued on a Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday. It is expected that the children spend 20mins on each but if they wish to spend longer, that is their choice. Usually, the maths work will be connected to the work that they have been learning ion class that week and so they should be fairly confident with one of the sections that they can choose. They do not have to complete the whole sheet.

The English homework will be based on grammar or comprehension. Again, this should be for around 20minutes. Your child may complete the all of the exercises in that time but understanding of the concepts presented, at their own level is more important. They do not have to complete the whole sheet.

Times tables practice is a must. The children will be taking a national online test at the end of the year up to x12. they will have 25 questions to answer, using a keyboard to enter their answers; 6 seconds for each question.

Reading on a daily basis is strongly encouraged and we are lucky to have a wide range of reading materials at the children's disposal. through Accelerated reader, the children can access reading materials on-line or they can select from 'banded' books from their designated sections. These books can be read independently or shared, after which, they can test themselves with an on-line quiz and gain points towards individual and class prizes.


General Information 

Each day will consist of individual, paired, group and whole class activities across the curriculum; Maths and English everyday and the other subjects spread throughout the week. 

PE and Games will be on alternate Fridays to that of art. The children will also have a gym/ dance lesson on a Tuesday. On the weeks that they have art, they will have a games lesson on a Monday. We are implementing this system so that all children have access to the hall and equipment in a safe and secure environment and that any areas are sanitised appropriately.

Swimming will hopefully return on a Wednesday when the facilities allow for greater numbers to attend. we will keep you informed of when that may be.

Autumn Term

This term, we are focusing on our creative writing in English using our topic of Ancient Greece as the vehicle. We are studying a range of Greek myths; examining heroes, villains, beasts and the structure of the quests that are embarked upon. Chronology, historical evidence and comparisons as well as historical legacy forms a major part of the historical aspect of our learning and we are looking forward to creating some theatrical masks to show how a Greek theatre may have used these in performances.

We are also using the theme to create a mythical journey story in dance.




In science, we are examining electricity; creating and examining and troubleshooting circuits as well as insulators and conductors of electricity.